Striped Skunk
  • Home Range: 320 acres.
  • Food: Skunk are omnivores. Voles, mice, beetle grubs, insects, eggs of birds and turtles, berries, garbage. Insects and insect larvae and earthworms are important food for skunks when in season. Skunks occasionally are nuisances for beehive owners, feeding on bees and honey with no apparent concern for being stung. They will eat birds and bird eggs and eat large numbers of small mammals as well as scavenge on the carrion of larger animals.
  • Mating: March
  • Gestation: 63 days
  • Young born: May to June
  • Number of young: Average of 6
  • Number of litters: 1
  • Young independent: Weaned at 2 months, independent by fall.
    *Young are able to spray when they are approximately 2 months of age.