Squirrel Damage

Squirrels are very resourceful and curious creatures.  Sometimes the combination of those two traits can be quite destructive.  They will test portions of structures (soffits, eaves, roof vents, etc) until they find a weak spot they can exploit.
The property owner reported hearing something in different portions of the ceiling on different dates.  Then they saw a squirrel scale the vertical conduit from their electric meter and enter the soffit.  That's when they called me at (712)355-3240.
The pictures below show two sections of vinyl soffit that were not properly married around the vertical electrical conduit.  With a little bit of chewing, the squirrel enlarged the openening ever so slightly, but enough to allow access.  Once inside, he had access to the entire soffit area and attic.  Needless to say, this little guy was evicted and relocated to a place where he has tons of woodlands to make a more suitable home.
Not only can squirrels cause structural damage, destroy insulation, and leave feces and litter behind, but they can chew the insulation off of the wiring in your attic.   Exposed wires can equal fires!!