Beaver Damage

If I had to pick one animal that never ceases to amaze me, I would have to give this award to the beaver.  Many animals modify our homes to call their own.  Beavers are different.  They modify the natural environment to create their own homes.  This almost always includes the construction of a dam.  A beaver's dam is a work of art that should really be admired.  It is a combination of sticks, branches, cornstalks, and mud that will hold back the water in a stream, creating a deeper water column to seclude the entrance to their homes.  So why can the beaver be a problem?
If the beaver wants to create a home on a pond, they will typically plug the outflowing stream or culvert.  This will increase the depth of the watershed.  If farmfields encompass the watershed, acres upon acres of farmfield can be covered by water.  Depending on the stage of crop growth, crops will be lost due to plants dying or the inability of machinery to access the area to harvest the crop.  This can mean thousands of dollars in loss of income.
If a beaver wants to create a home on a stream, they will build a dam, restricting the flow of water.  This will increase the depth of the stream, allowing the beaver to build either a hut or a den in the bank with a secure entrance under the water level.  Once again, you are probably asking, "What's the problem?"  The problem is two-fold.  
  • Dens made in the bank create a void space under the ground.  This void space can swallow up or break the leg of unsuspecting livestock that fall through.  Farm machinery can also fall into these void spaces due to their massive weight, resulting in a lost productivity or damaged equipment.
  • Creating a dam requires access to building materials.  Mud is readily available under the water as well as along the banks.  It is the other construction "materials" that create a problem.  Beavers will use branches, sticks and larger diameter (I have seen 12") sections of trees and cornstalks to build the main structure of the dam.  The remaining spaces are filled with mud, creating a water-tight seal.  A beaver can and will remove your grove of younger trees over the course of a few nights.  The same beaver, or one of its helpers, can and will remove hundreds of corn stalks from a field resulting in loss of income.
Working around beaver dams, huts or dens, creeks, streams, and ponds can be very dangerous.  Special tools and euipment are needed to manage these situations safely.   There is no need for you to take the chance of being injured.  Please call me.  I have the tools and equipment to safely resolve your nuisance beaver problems.
These cherry trees became construction material for a beavers dam on this creek.  The vertical displacement from the stream below this dam and its top was approximately 6 feet.
Once the dam was breached and water level was lowered, bank dens were revealed.
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